Docker is an open-source containerization framework based on Linux that allows developers to create, run, and package applications for container deployment. Unlike virtual machines, Docker containers offer:

· Abstraction at the OS level with optimal resource utilization.

· Interoperability.

· Efficient build and test.

· Faster application execution.

Docker containers…

The use of a SQL or NoSQL database to store data is one of the most fundamental decisions to make when creating an application. Traditional SQL (relational) databases are the product of decades of technological advancements, best practices, and real-world stress testing. One of the most important decisions to make…

The team behind express developed Koa.js, an open source Node.js web platform. The system strives to be a smaller, more expressive, and more stable foundation for web applications and APIs, according to their official website. Koa makes use of asynchronous functions to reduce the need for callbacks and improve error…

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. I believe it is an great choice for your first programming language ever.

We mainly use JavaScript to create,

  1. websites.

2.web applications

3.server-side applications using Node.js

But JavaScript is not limited to these things, and it can also be used to,

  1. Create mobile applications using tools like React Native.
  2. Create programs for microcontrollers and the internet of things
  3. Create…

The rise in popularity of JavaScript has resulted in many improvements, and the face of web development today is very different. …

Empirical evidence shows there is no situation in which cluttered code won’t cause problems when it is further extended. That’s why Robert Martin created a set of rules for writing good code. They allows us to create simple, easily modified software.

Those SOLID principles many talk about are really helpful…

Ranjula Madushan

3rd year Software Engineering Undergraduate

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